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About Us

‘Our Story’

Ground Force Studios was founded in 2015 by two dedicated and passionate performing arts educators who ‘believed they could!’

It all began on a pristine Adelaide beach where Liana and Jess embarked on their Ground Force journey. Being surrounded by the beauty of the beach and connecting with mother nature, their ideas flourished and their dream of building their own empire was born.

Who would have thought that these two ambitious women, knowing each other since they were five years old, would one day reconnect and create an idea that would turn their passion into a thriving career.

It wasn’t until 2016 that the Yoga & Mindfulness component of Ground Force was born. Nat who had always dreamed of working with children and sharing with them the message of self-love and gratitude, joined the team and quickly became an integral part of what has now become the sisterhood that is Ground Force!

These three peas in a pod bring their unique experiences, talents and abilities, to create a super-charged powerhouse of creativity, energy, passion, innovation and most of all… FUN!

‘Our Mission’

The Ground Force team invites you to explore the educational and personal growth benefits of Dance, Drama, Yoga-inspired Movement, Mindfulness and Fitness through our Body, Mind & Soul programs for students of all ages and learning abilities. Through our In-School Programs, our mission is to offer as many students the opportunity to discover the magic of movement and engage in personalised and interactive classes set in a fun, positive, safe and inclusive environment.

The benefits students gain from our In-School Programs include increased body awareness, confidence, self-esteem, creativity, critical thinking and teamwork, as well as kinaesthetic and spatial learning, all whilst developing intra and interpersonal knowledge of self and others. They also foster skills in rhythm, musicality and mindfulness, helping children mature physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively, whilst supporting parents and teachers in offering the best possible learning outcomes for children.

Our content and structure is original, fresh, current and flexible – and is based on the Australian Curriculum. Our programs are conducted by highly qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about children’s education, health and personal development.

All our instructors have studies in education and or/ discipline-specific training under their belts in the fields of Child Care, Early Childhood, Junior Primary & Primary as well as Secondary schooling, with additional teaching experience both locally and overseas. Our instructors have years of experience and qualifications in Dance, Drama, Fitness and Yoga.

Our instructors are also First-Aid trained, hold Police Clearance certificates with State, Independent and Catholic schools and have also obtained their Working with Children Screening Checks. Our instructors have completed courses in Children Protective Practices, Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care and Working with Children with Special Needs.