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Our GF Miniz classes are tailored for the little ones who are ready to rumble AND get their zen on! These little cuties will learn fun Hip Hop moves, play dance games and learn to chill with yoga and relaxation at the end of the class. Our Miniz will develop their coordination, confidence and creativity, melting your heart and leaving you in stitches as they show you their moves that are simply too cute to handle!


This class is for kids who want to learn the funkiest of Hip Hop moves that incorporate Street and Urban styles. Our Hip Hop Juniorz focus on the basic foundations and techniques of Hip Hop through the decades, with plenty of opportunities for free-styling, dance games and super fun partner work.  Our Juniorz will learn cool moves, basic choreography and performance techniques that will have you bopping along and wanting to join in!


Our Hip Hop Funksterz class makes kids feel like they’re in their own music video! Our Funksterz will learn the coolest moves, tricks and choreography to the funkiest age-appropriate tracks, whilst developing the foundations of Hip Hop, Street and Urban styles of dance. Each lesson will help our Funksterz improve coordination, rhythm, musicality, style and confidence. This class is full of FUN!


Our Breakerz class is for those ready to challenge themselves and step it up a few notches! The moves get cooler, the choreography gets trickier, but the fun only gets greater! Breakerz will learn skills in a variety of Street and Urban styles, refine their performance techniques and develop their own signature style, getting them ready to become Hip Hop Crew material. Get ready to sweat in this class!


Our Hip Hop Crewz are our most advanced classes for those ready to take their Hip Hop training to new heights. While the fun lives on, there is greater emphasis on technique, precision, style and polished choreography. Our Hip Hop Crewz will become little pros at various Hip Hop styles with increased opportunities to perform, compete and show off their skills. Crewz are comprised of selected students who audition and are invited to join.
Get ready for stylin’ choreography and smoooooooth moves from this lot!


Developing the minds and growing bodies of children, Yoga Chillerz explores physical strength, emotional balance, gratitude, happiness, and overall wellbeing. This class introduces the basics of Yoga and Mindfulness whilst educating the ‘whole child’ in a non-competitive, safe environment, allowing them to feel happy and secure in their own perfect selves. Classes incorporate yoga movements and poses, stretching, body awareness, strength and posture.  Children will learn about mindfulness, visualisation and breathing techniques through guided meditations, storytelling, music, fun partner work, Yoga games and engaging reflection exercises. Yoga Chillerz will help children learn the skills to relax, improve their emotional resilience, concentration and focus, release nervous energy and become more at peace with their beautiful selves.


Designed to cater for both beginners as well as children with a drama background, this class focuses on learning the skills that are integral to performance in a fun, positive and dynamic environment. Children learn creative techniques to warm up the voice and body, develop their vocal and physical repertoire, story development skills, listening and interpretation, and most importantly, their confidence. They will learn to apply these in improvisational, mime, role-play, scripted performance as well as everyday settings. Children will take part in drama games and activities whilst working successfully in groups, trusting and sharing their ideas and letting go of any anxiety and self-consciousness.


Our Lyrical class is a combination of contemporary and modern jazz magically mixed into one. Children will develop technique, proper ways of stretching and improving their flexibility. This class will give children the opportunity to really express themselves through music, movement and the love of dance.


Your child will have fun learning the basics of dance (coordination, technique & jazz routines), singing (pitch, projection & rhythm) and acting (characterisation, mime & voice projection). They will learn songs from their all-time favourite movies and musicals.


A fusion of Latin dance styles such as Raggaeton, Samba and Salsa, combined with Funk and Hip Hop, offering an unbelievably fun and high intensity workout for all fitness levels. For those who enjoy Zumba, this cardio workout will inspire you with its non-stop movement.  Half an hour in length, the class moves quickly through energetic dance phrases which engage and strengthen the whole body, mind and soul! You will be dancing out the door! 


Adults fitness class.

Each week we change it up… DANCE, CARDIO, YOGA, BARRE & PILATES. Have fun whilst getting fit! Strengthen your CORE, dance your HEART out, ZEN your mind, and increase your flexibility, balance and fitness level. This class will keep you coming back for more!

Get FIT with GF FIT!

What to bring / wear

  • Comfortable active wear*
  • Water bottle – labelled with name
  • Sneakers for Hip Hop classes (black soled shoes only for North Studio), sneakers for Drama, jazz shoes or barefoot for Lyrical, and barefoot for Yoga^

*Our comfy and affordable Ground Force Studios clothing can be purchased at the studio and worn to classes.
^We supply yoga mats, however you are welcome to bring your own.