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At home? Looking to keep your body moving, your spirits up and your mind at ease? Ground Force’s Virtual Studio is the answer. There’s a dance class for everyone, at any experience level. 


Try our professional pre-recorded videos taught by our highly qualified choreographers & instructors from GF Studios. Taking you on a Hip Hop Dance journey experience like no other! Learning the latest technique trends and choreography that will have you all set ready to hit the stage in just 5 weeks. Each lesson runs for approximately 25 minutes, including a warm-up, technique moves and choreography. Lessons are best taken once a week over a 5 week period and can be replayed over and over to ensure you get the choreography under your belt.

For Teachers… each program comes with a unit plan which outlines the learning intention and outcomes according to the Early Years Framework, Australian Curriculum and/or SACE

Select your best suited program below…


Level 1 Hip Hop

A 5 week Hip Hop Dance Program for students aged 8 & Under or in Reception – Year 2

*Best suited for our Hip Hop Miniz and Juniorz classes

Level 2 Hip Hop

A 5 week Hip Hop Dance Program for students aged 13 & Under or in Year 3 – 4

*Best suited for our Hip Hop Funksterz classes

Level 3 Hip Hop

A 5 week Hip Hop Dance Program for students of all ages or in Year 5 – 6 and High School

*Best suited for our Hip Hop Breakerz classes

Level 4 Hip Hop

A 5 week Hip Hop Dance Program for students at an Advanced Level for all ages or in High School

*Best suited for our Competition Crew Teams


Be part of the TRIBE and join the FORCE! With weekly unlimited dance classes via ZOOM approximately 20 mins per class, you will have the whole family dancing. All ages and levels are welcome.

See our classes and online timetable below…

LIVE CLASSES BEGIN WEEK 1 TERM 2 Monday 27th April 2020


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*Note that these classes are run VIA a private Facebook group which you will need to have access to a Facebook account to be part of the group. This is separate to the GF STUDENTS timetable and is $50 for 5 weeks (30 minute classes)

LIVE CLASSES BEGIN Wednesday 29th April 2020

Image of Ground Force Studios dance crews collage

Enrolment Form

If you are enquiring on behalf of a Child Care or School, please state which centre/school you are from
*Please note prices are per student, families of more than 1 child will receive 10% discount


I acknowledge and agree that the following terms and conditions and
undertakings apply to the online classes that I attend to engage and under
the instruction of Ground Force Studios and their instructions: I will notify Ground
Force Studios if I have any injuries, illnesses, surgery, and/or pre-existing medical
conditions. I will follow all instructions given to me by Ground Force Studios
online as to how to perform the online classes. I will ensure that I take all
measures to ensure my practice is happening in a safe environment, with
ample amount of space, non-slippery floors, take breaks when needed,
wearing comfortable active wear and wearing shoes if it is a fitness/dance
class. I acknowledge and agree that participation in any of the online classes
could result in injury to myself and others. I voluntarily and knowingly recognise,
accept and assume such risks and warrant that I am physically fit to take the
online classes, notwithstanding these risks. I hear by indemnify and hold
harmless, Ground Force Studios and its teachers in respect of any injury I may
occur as a result of participating in the online classes and training online in
connection with or arising out of any such injury, illness or mishap to me.