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Wanting to tick off the boxes of Dance in the Early Years Learning Framework, Australian Curriculum and SACE? Look no further than our Dance Fundamentals program, exploring the importance and dynamics of dance and human movement.


Dance Fundamentals focuses on warming up the body through a cardio workout, isolations of different parts of the body, and correct stretching techniques to relieve muscle tension and increase flexibility. Dance Fundamentals also incorporates the importance of musicality and timing, choreography and sequencing, team-work, listening to instructions, whilst having a ton of fun. Students also have the opportunity to create their own moves and choreography, allowing them to explore their creativity and style whilst building their confidence.

Our Ground Force instructors focus on a Hip Hop dance technique, although we can incorporate ANY dance style into your dance program. Think Jazz, Latin, Contemporary, Flashmob and Bollywood just to name a few.

Dance Fundamentals can be undertaken in a 5 to 10 week period (One 40 – 50 minute session per week). We recommend a 10 week program to really nurture and develop students’ learning, dance skills and technique.


Are you looking for someone to choreograph a dance for a concert, assembly, musical, carols night, Wakakirri or something similar? Our Ground Force team are highly experienced in teaching dance and would love to come and work with your school or centre to create a show-stopping performance!


Dance Performance focuses on learning a choreographed and styled dance routine. Students will have the opportunity to add their own flavour with their free-style moves as well as choreograph their own dance sequences with their classmates, incorporating them into the routine.

Dance Performance can be undertaken in a 5 to 10 week period (One 40 – 50 minute session per week). A 10 week program will allow for a more clean and polished dance routine.

Ask us about our recommended themes e.g. A Night At the Movies, The Red Carpet, Through The Decades and many more. Or why not create your own theme with the help of our experienced Ground Force instructors.