The Ground Force team believes that the health and wellbeing of educators and staff is just as important as the students’. You are, after all, guiding and moulding human beings of the future!

As teachers, we understand the HUGE and often underestimated role educators and school staff play in a child’s life. The pressure and workload can be intense! And it makes no sense to expect teachers to teach the principles of health and wellbeing to their students if they themselves are under stress, inactive and/ or mentally fatigued.

As author Richard Bach says “We teach what we most need to learn”. Here is your chance to breathe new life into your working day with our Body, Mind & Soul sessions.

Select a program below:


Wanting to tick off the boxes of Dance in the Early Years Learning Framework, Australian Curriculum and SACE? Look no further than our Dance Fundamentals program, exploring the importance and dynamics of dance and human movement.


Dance Fundamentals focuses on warming up the body through a cardio workout, isolations of different parts of the body, and correct stretching techniques to relieve muscle tension and increase flexibility. Dance Fundamentals also incorporates the importance of musicality and timing, choreography and sequencing, team-work, listening to instructions, whilst having a ton of fun. Students also have the opportunity to create their own moves and choreography, allowing them to explore their creativity and style whilst building their confidence.

Our Ground Force instructors focus on a Hip Hop dance technique, although we can incorporate ANY dance style into your dance program. Think Jazz, Latin, Contemporary, Flashmob and Bollywood just to name a few.

Dance Fundamentals can be undertaken in a 5 to 10 week period (One 40 – 50 minute session per week). We recommend a 10 week program to really nurture and develop students’ learning, dance skills and technique.


Feeling a little sluggish during the day? Need a boost of energy whilst burning off calories? Or do you simply want to have a laugh and bond with your colleagues whilst getting fit? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, get onto our Dance Fit sessions! Not only will they give you one satisfying full-body workout, they will also help increase flexibility, stamina and strength. Give your mind and body a good heart-pumping workout and watch your energy and productivity crank up a few notches!

Sessions can be run weekly, fortnightly, or whenever you need a good workout. 20 minute-express sessions are available as well as full 60 minute ones. The length is completely up to you. Those who say they’re unfit, have no dance experience or own a pair of two left feet are especially encouraged to join in!


Want to impress your school community with your inner dancing queen or king?

Our Dance performance program is specifically created for teaching staff who want to break it down and boogie for an upcoming concert or show!

If rehearsal times are difficult to organise, our Ground Force team will provide video-recorded sessions to staff to learn at their own pace and comfort of their own home or classroom.
Team bonding and personal development doesn’t get much more fun that this! Show your school spirit, have fun with your colleagues, develop your skills and have plenty of laughs doing it!