This class is designed for mamas with little babes under 1, offering a holistic approach to strengthen both body and mind. Incorporating Pilates, yoga, and HIIT exercises, the class ensures a diverse workout. Mums engage in postnatal-friendly exercises that target core strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. The atmosphere is supportive, allowing mamas to bond with their babes while fostering a sense of community. Emphasizing mindfulness and relaxation, the class aims to enhance overall well-being for both mothers and their little ones.


This fun class is for all those busy toddlers out there ready to get their dance on! Full of vibrancy and interaction where toddlers learn to dance, connect with peers, sing, and have an overall enjoyable experience. Through age-appropriate movements and music, toddlers are introduced to basic dance steps, encouraging creativity and self-expression. Group activities and games foster social interaction, helping toddlers build connections with each other. Simple, catchy songs are incorporated to make the class enjoyable and promote language development. The emphasis is on creating a positive and engaging atmosphere that encourages both individual expression and social interaction among toddlers. This class requires one parent to be present and join in with their toddler.


This class is for little dancers beginning their dance experience discovering the foundations of technique in Ballet & Jazz. The class incorporates creative elements to make the experience as fun and engaging as possible for little dancers, such as storytelling through dance, colourful props, and imaginative themes. Basic ballet and jazz techniques are introduced through playful activities, ensuring that young dancers develop fundamental skills while enjoying the process. The class may include games, rhythmic exercises, and music that captivate their attention, fostering a love for dance in a light-hearted atmosphere.


This class is for adults wanting to improve their fitness, mindset and overall wellbeing. The class offers a holistic approach to wellbeing by combining Pilates for core strength, HIIT for cardiovascular benefits, yoga for flexibility and balance, and meditation for mental relaxation. Each class is designed to engage both the body and mind, promoting overall fitness and a sense of inner peace. Adults can expect a dynamic and enjoyable experience that caters to various fitness levels, ensuring a well-rounded workout that contributes to both physical and mental wellness.


This class explores a fusion of jazz and ballet techniques, seamlessly blended with contemporary foundations. Dancers will learn the grace and poise of ballet, the fluidity of jazz movements, and the expressive freedom of contemporary dance. The class focuses on storytelling through movement, encouraging students to convey emotions and narratives through their dance. This unique combination provides a dynamic and expressive experience that merges traditional and modern elements, allowing dancers to cultivate both technical skill and artistic expression.


This class is for those little groovers ready to get their Hip Hop dancing shoes on! These cutie pies will move to the latest Hip Hop beats, learn the importance of warming up their bodies, undertake Hip Hop technique, learn Hip Hop choreography as well as engage in playful dance games, finishing off with a little zen session. Students will not only refine their coordination, boost confidence, and spark creativity but also melt your heart with irresistibly cute moves that will leave you in stitches. It’s a dynamic blend of fun and mindfulness, creating a dance experience that’s simply too adorable to resist!


This class is tailored for those students eager to master the freshest Hip Hop moves blending a variety of Hip Hop styles. From freestyling to engaging dance games and lively partner work, the fun never stops! These students will learn not just the coolest moves in town but also grasp basic choreography and performance techniques, creating an irresistible rhythm that will have you bopping along and itching to join in on the excitement.


HIP HOP FUNKSTERZ 1: Get ready for a dance adventure that turns every kid into the star of their own music video. Students will dance to the latest Hip Hop beats and explore choreography like no other. Students will delve into the world of a range of Hip Hop dance styles. Each lesson is a rhythm-infused journey, enhancing coordination, musicality, style, and confidence. Brace yourself for a class bursting with FUN that will have everyone dancing with joy.

HIP HOP FUNKSTERZ 2: This class is the ultimate sequel from Hip Hop Funksterz 1 and for those ready to amplify their dance skills! In this class, students will build on their Hip Hop repertoire mastering the latest Hip Hop moves and intricate choreography. Each class is meticulously designed to refine coordination, rhythm, musicality, style, and confidence, ensuring students emerge as dance wizards. This class is not just a class—it’s a thrilling dance odyssey that takes the fun and skills to unparalleled heights.


HIP HOP BREAKERZ 1: This class is the sequel to Hip Hop Funksterz 2, providing students with the ultimate challenge for those ready to elevate their dance game. Dive into a world where the choreography gets trickier, and the performance skills are next level! Students will master skills in a diverse range of Hip Hop styles, refining not just their moves but also their performance techniques. Students will also develop their unique signature style, preparing them for competitions and beyond. Get ready to break a sweat, push your limits, and move to the rhythm in a class that’s as challenging as it is exhilarating.

HIP HOP BREAKERZ 2: This class is the sequel to Hip Hop Breakerz 1 and is the epitome of dance mastery and the most advanced class in our Hip Hop class line-up. This class is designed for those who have conquered challenges and are now ready for the next level. Expect mind-bending moves, intricate choreography that pushes boundaries. In this class, students refine their skills in an array of Street and Urban styles, honing performance techniques to perfection. Get ready to break through barriers and experience dance at its most electrifying.


Step into the rhythm with an electrifying experience of Hip Hop Dance tailored for those 18 and above. Unleash your inner dancer as you dive into choreography and combinations delivered with a dynamic blend of intensity and speed. Explore a diverse range of styles, such as soulful Lyrical Hip Hop, expressive Whacking, iconic Voguing, sassy Girly, spontaneous Freestyle, intense Krump, and more. Elevate your dance journey with technique drills and personalized styling, ensuring that each session is not just a class but a vibrant celebration of movement and self-expression. Get ready to groove, grow, and redefine your dance experience!


This class is an advanced level for the ultimate hip hop dancers. Some of the best and most skilled Hip Hop instructors are rotated weekly – fortnightly allowing students to explore a variety of different hip hop styles, intricate choreography, and cutting-edge techniques. It’s more than a class; it’s an immersive experience designed to elevate your dance journey.


Where sultriness meets empowerment! unleash your inner confidence as you learn dance moves in heels. This class is a celebration of femininity, guiding you through choreography designed to make you feel confident, strong, and irresistibly sultry. Get ready to dance with flair and discover the empowering fusion of style and seduction, all while embracing the art of movement in heels! This class is for students who are over the age of 16.


COMMERCIAL 1: Unleash your inner diva and be ready to captivate audiences with this newest style of dance that encompasses a broad spectrum of performance styles and techniques. Students will undertake styles such as hip hop, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, samba, salsa and musical theatre. their skills. This class is an exhilarating experience where creativity meets technical proficiency, allowing dancers to shine in the spotlight with captivating and polished performances.

COMMERCIAL 2: This class is the sequel to Commercial 1 and is the pinnacle of performance where seasoned dancers refine their artistry. Elevate your skills in this advanced class, exploring intricate choreography across diverse styles, from high-energy hip-hop and dynamic jazz, contemporary, lyrical, samba, salsa and ballet. This class demands a fusion of precision and heightened energy, challenging dancers to execute complex routines with an air of effortless grace. This class is a journey into the sophisticated realm of captivating performances, ensuring participants not only refine their technique but also master the art of commanding the stage. Step into the spotlight and embrace the next level of excellence!